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Staff Parish Relations


The two second definition would be to say that Staff Parish Relations is HR.  But, it is so much more.  It supports that pastor and staff and works closely with the district superintendent to ensure that our church is working as a team with the UMC.

Worship Planning


There are so many details to implement to make our church service its best.  This group, under the pastor’s supervision handles the service.


We are centered in Jesus Christ, reaching out in love. The missions team spearheads outreach.

Technology Planning


If you enjoy being on the will love being on this team. 


One of the best parts of church is joining together for social events.  The fellowship team makes that possible.

Administrative Council:


Often called Adboard, this is our executive committee. This group meets once a month to share news about projects and approve new ventures.  Everyone, not just leadership, are encouraged to attend.



The Trustees take care of the property, church building and parsonage.  They are responsible for reviewing and signing contracts.   The trustees are expected to ask for help from the congregation.  They are not expected to physically do all of the labor that needs to be done to keep things nice.  (That is where we come in). 



Finance helps the other teams/committees project and budget their expenses.  They pay the bills and keep accurate records of donations.  They help, but they are not responsible for running fundraisers.  (That is where we come in.)

Methodist Youth Fellowship (Christian Education)

MYF’s mission statement is: To equip teens to live as Christians in the real world.  Meeting Sundays 6pm to 8pm in Fellowship Hall. 

Our Christian Education team implements our formal Sunday School Program.

Lay Leadership

The Pastor leads this group to look for and mentor new talent to make our church the best it can be.

Spiritual Life

Prayer is the cornerstone for this team lead by the pastor.  All are welcome.



At Faith United Methodist Church, we are centered in Jesus Christ, reaching out in love. 

Thank you for answering the call to reach out in love. God will bless your efforts.  

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