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Donations welcome


Please share not just your treasures, but your time and talents. 


With God's blessing, we can make a difference. 

Operating Expenses

The church can not stay open if we do not pay our bills.  Just as you have an electric and gas bill, we do too.  We try to keep down expenses, but we need resources to pay our staff, run the copier and keep our church warm.  Please consider giving.  And, no matter what amount you give, please take a minute and pray that our needs are met as a congregation.  With God all things are possible.

Helping Others

If you want to give to a specific cause, please note it on your donation.  That way we can help those in need.  

  • Liberia

  • Love Fund

  • Lighthouse of Hope

  • Capital Fund

  • Shared Ministries

  • General Fund

  • Where there is greatest need

Doing More United

There is power in numbers.  We join with other United Methodist Churches to help get things done.  That type of donation is called an Shared Ministries. 

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