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Here at Faith United Methodist Church,
we seek to uplift Christ for the purpose of worship.



Our traditional service is much quieter than the contemporary service.  We use the United Methodist Hymnal for our songs and interactive readings.  If you have a meditative personality, this service is for you.  



We love to sing a few verses of the older hymns.  If you heard them as a child, you will love remembering.  If they are new to you, their simpleness and their words will inspire you. 



Each Sunday, we take a minute to share our Affirmation of Faith.  If you join us, you will know exactly what we believe.  We won't be vague.  We won't be ambiguous.  We will tell you the truth.  




We never put anyone on the spot, unless we are wishing them happy birthday.  Our prayer of confession is read in unison.  As you are reading, you can silently tell God anything you like.  


If you ask, You are FORGIVEN


We take a minute each Sunday to remind you that it is true. Then, we back that up with a bible verse.


Our contemporary service starts with a praise band and projects a "welcome to the neighborhood feel".  If you like hearing guitars in church while you are learning about God, you will like it here.  

Praise Songs

We praise God with songs from popular artists and also songs written by our own band.  You will be able to sing along because all of words are projected onto our screen.  

Children's Chat (1-11yrs)

Church can be scary for our young ones.  So, we ask them to come up front for just a few minutes.  They listen to a one minute story and receive a small prize for being a good listener. 

Children are Excused for Sunday School (K - 6th grade)

After the children's chat, the children are excused to go to  Sunday School. We have an program mapped out for them that allows them to have fun while they are learning about God. 

Both Services Share:

Bible Readings

Each week, our pastor highlights a specific part of the bible.   Before his sermon begins, we take just a minute to read it.  This gives us a minute to wonder about how it could affect our lives today.



The best sermon inspires you.  Our pastor does his best to take a few minutes to connect you with God's word and show you how it can help you today.  



We serve communion the first Sunday of each month. 

Join Us!


We can't wait to welcome your family to God's family.  

Join Us!

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